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  • Jim Selkin

Fusion's All-Inclusive Spa Concept Takes Root in Vietnam.

A homegrown hospitality group breaks conventions and grows its wellness-oriented accommodation across Vietnam.

Story by Jim Selkin

Fusion Hotel Group will launch the new Fusion Originals brand to target the business travel and staycation segments. Pictured: Fusion Resort Phu Quoc

Breaking out of the hospitality norms was utmost on the minds of the founders of Fusion Hotel Group, which birthed the all-spa-inclusive concept in Vietnam.

The group opened its initial property, Fusion Maia, in Danang in 2010. Back then, the concepts of all-spa inclusive therapies — Fusion Resorts, for instance, offers two spa treatments per guest, per night — and serving healthy meals were considered ahead of their time, particularly for Vietnam.

"With everything we do at Fusion, we strive to do things differently. We don’t follow — we lead. We don’t copy — we create. It’s really that simple," said chief commercial officer, Akshay Moza.

“As the first and only Vietnamese brand that offers all-spa-inclusive and breakfast anywhere, anytime across all Fusion hotels and resorts, we believe the message is clear to the market to embrace the privacy and wellness of our guests for the utmost enjoyable holidays.”

Fusion Hotel Group, which has since expanded its footprint across Danang, Saigon, Phu Quoc, Cam Ranh, Hue, Quy Nhon and Vung Tau, has evolved into a collection of unique, wellness-inspired accommodation options, where each experience is anything but standard and where a healthy lifestyle becomes part of the daily routine.

For example, Fusion Suites — a spin-off from the beach properties — focus on delivering a blissful sense of well-being and peacefulness amidst their urban locations in the heart of Vietnam's major cities.

In addition, a dedicated team of “Fusionistas” known for their style and sophistication were on hand to serve guests 24/7.

At Fusion Hotel Group's properties, it's all about wellness-inspired accommodation options, and where a healthy lifestyle becomes part of the daily routine. (Pictured: Fusion Suites Danang)

Looking ahead, Fusion Hotel Group has aggressive plans to bring its brands to emerging destinations the likes of Quang Binh, home to Son Doong, the world’s largest cave, "as well as other cities such as Binh Duong and Hai Phong with our new brand line, Hiive, located next to [these cities'] industrial zones", said Moza.

In the works is a new brand concept to cater to business travellers and staycationers, Fusion's director of hospitality development Maarten Perdok told Travel Weekly Asia.

"Fusion Originals are set in unique urban spaces, while maintaining the Fusion brand’s distinctive characteristics," he shared, adding that the first property is slated to open early this year in Ho Chi Minh City.

Fusion's marketing director, Minh Tue, added, "Initially, this new hospitality model was to be rolled out internationally, but the plans were revised to expand and grow the home market and then expand beyond borders."

When asked about the impacts of Covid-19, closed borders and local market realities, Perdok spoke plainly that while a few resorts catering mainly to overseas travellers have been affected, "we have found that business is booming in beach resorts and other locales away from any potential new hot spots".

Minh Tue added, “Especially after all the anxiety of the past months, families and couples are flocking to beach locales. Our brands are resonating with their desires for family and couples’ getaways in a safe environment, which is why Fusion Hotels are popular. Also, many are embracing our wellness and healthy lifestyle credo after being sequestered in urban centres."



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